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Solved Type cover and external monitor via docking not working


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My morning routine with the SP3 when I get to work is stick it in the dock (the old one), connect a monitor into the SP3 mini-DP and turn it on. Sometimes but not often the monitor connected to the docking does not get recognized, but this has untill today always been fixed by simply redocking

But today when docking it I notice that neither the monitor connected to the docking nor the typecover is working. I've tried rebooting several times, redocking, trying it without anything connected but the type cover, still not working.

All the other ports on the docking looks to be working just fine, same with the monitor connected to the SP3 mini-DP.

Anyone else had similiar issue and maybe know of a fix?


After doing 3 volume button up + power button starts, it just magically started working again, very strange behaviour.
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