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Turn your SP3/4 into Miracast receiver


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Just tried it on my Surface Book.
Works perfectly.
Nice low price.
Putting it on a Surface Pro 3 and two MacBook Retina devices.


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It was quite challenge trying to get it to work on my SP3. Had to install Bonjour Print drivers. I then had to go into the settings of the app and disable Miracast and Enable AirPlay in order for my iPad to connect to it using AirPlay. There are quite a few bugs with the software as well. It ran much better when I mirrored my iPad to my MacBook.


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that's why I suggested MIRACAST only and not airplay. The bonjour "crap" has always been wacky. (On windows that is)



Although I am able to connect my LG G3 via Miracast, at least it says it's connected and AirServer on the SP3 says it's waiting for device to start streaming, I am unable to actually mirror anything the SP3. It works fine between my LG G3 and my Samsung TV. But no luck with the SP3 via AirServer.


Doesnt work for me either :(
I've installed the Trial on my 32bit Atom HTPC.
Either miracast doesn't work well with ASOP 6.0.1 on my Z2 or this tool is faulty, I can connect but then the tool just crashes.
Using Windows->windows I can't add (find) the server if I press "add remote monitor or projector"
This should work from windows to windows right?