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Surface use as extended graphics tablet!


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I am using the i5 4gb version of surface pro 4 and that is now near enough for hi-res art and vdo editing!
I also have a 8 core 16gb pc at home! is there a way to use my tablet like apple's "target display mod?"(with cable connection if possible)
Tried using RDP but because of wifi connection, it is not very stable!is there another way to do this?

P.S to developers I would love to see Surface 5 has something like "Target Display mode"


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TDM appears to be nothing more than projecting your display to the Mac ala Miracast. If your monitor accepts HDMI then you could try to use the Microsoft Wireless Display adapter, or other brand like PushtoTV etc. or a Mini DP to HDMI cable, or Mini DP to DP cable depending on the monitors connections.

Is your computer an Apple? That might limit so e options.

This really isn't a great option though as your not using the more powerful CPU & GPU and other resources of the remote computer.

I W10 AU there's "Connect" but that appears to only work wirelessly. Fix/upgrade your WiFi, get on 5ghz.

I have a crappy Verizon 2.4ghz router but I disabled the WiFi on it and connected my own 5ghz router to it via ethernet cable. I use my router for WiFi and the Verizon box does its thing without WiFi.
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