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Surface Pro OSX Virtual Machine


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Hi All,
I am looking at getting a surface pro 1 used.
I am at home primarily a mac user (2008 octo Mac Pro) but need a machine for editing and development on the go. I am looking at getting the surface pro because they are much cheaper than a similar specd macbook air . I think I will be happy to to edit photo and video with photoshop and premiere or vegas but for development in Xcode will a vm be suitable. If anyone has any real world experiences with an OSX VM on the surface pro 1, I would love to know more.

PS I would also love to be able to do some light gaming.
For me COD BLOPS2 at 50fps on low is fine, is this possible?


Gaming should be solid, wouldn't say 50fps but but check out a YouTube channel called surfaceprogaming -great reviews there with different games that nay help give you an idea as to performance. By far the surface pro 2 does better though. I have a pro, and play steam games without issues, some go them on medium to high even. I think it's doable.

How come you cannot do editing on windows? Some of those apps are available. I could imagine cost for an extra license would be a problem. Running an OS X vm in my experience can work but performance will take a hit. So you may get it to run, but doing something resource intensive like Photoshop is asking for trouble. You have limited ram resources as it is using a vm on a machine with only 4gm of memory. The pro is powerful, but a pro 2 with 8gb of ram will do better here IMO.

Xcode, I hate the fact that this is really OS X only. I want to say again you could absolutely make this work, but it could run too slow for your tastes. I run VMware workstation on my work PC, 3-4 Vms at a time. Core i5, 8gb ram. I try to allocate at least 2gb tons machine for solid performance. OS X I had issues with but at the time it was mavericks in development. Buggy as hell.


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For your editing, I meant that I was happy to use premiere and photoshop (windows ) for the editing.
My question was just about Xcode in the virtual machine?
Great to know about the gaming potential :D
I have an old macbook which I could probably use for Xcode however it only goes up to 10.7 (I have installed 10.8 with MLPostFactor) the problem is I just need something for Mavericks (iOS 7 development)
Maybe I get something like an 09 macbook Pro and then save up for the surface?
I would love it though if i could run a VM on the surface and so some basic development with Xcode and Gamesalad.
Let me know on your opinions/ any potential solutions?.....


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