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Surface pro 4 not turning on


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So I turned my surface off some hours ago and now when I tried to turn it on pressing the button it just didn't work, then I tried again holding it for 10 seconds and still no result. I kept trying pressing/holding it and it finally started up after a while trying...

It seems to be working fine now but this sure is an issue to me, I want a quick response from my device. I wanted to ask, is this normal? I know about the waking up problem, but this one is different, since it wasn't sleeping.

I just want to make sure I don't have a defective unit or something. As long as it's the software and not the hardware...


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Might be the same problem I have. Keyboard and IR camera light up but screen remain black. Was participating in a session with Microsoft (no) yesterday and I mention my problem. I thought was related to the display adaptor but actually related to project sometimes become ‘Second screen only’. Seems to be a known problem they are working on.

Got this workaround:
Press ‘Windows button’ + ‘P’, ‘Arrow down’ then ‘Enter’.

Needed it this morning and it worked for me.
Try the Win+P combination and you will understand my poor explanation.


same problem here for a few times. when i want to turn up the surface doesn t turn on, after 1-2 min with combination power and volume down will appear the bios when i can give it restart. some times when even when i get it to restart doesn t want to restart and i must give it again a restart from bios to work.

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