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Surface Pro 3 Type Cover Drive

Hi All,

Just wanna ask some user experience. I did remove the type cover driver and when I restart my surface, Windows automatically install an HID Keyboard Device driver. I did not find any unusual feeling of my keyboard while running on this driver. Did anyone here can advise what am I missing by not using the driver supplied?




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The Type Cover is just a regular USB keyboard and mouse combo (with probably some sort of an USB hub inside). I found this out when my type cover caused the "USB xHCI Hub" device to be used 100% of the time, until I updated the cover's firmware.


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It will automatically reinstall the right driver.
Device Manager without Type Cover connected.
This HID Keyboard Device refers to the on screen keyboard I believe.
Without Type Cover.PNG

Device Manager with Type Cover connected

with type cover.PNG

Yes that a lowly USB 1.0 connector for the Keyboard Covers. :)


Thanks all for the feedback. May I know the latest driver date? Mine somewhere march 2014. I did download the latest firmware zip file from microsoft but still dated march 2014.
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