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Surface Pro 3 seems dead


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I just got a surface pro 3 from a family member, they said they found it without a charger. So, I bought a charger on Amazon assuming it would charge the tablet. I was wrong. There is no indicator light, no sign that the tablet is charging at all. I haven't had it work the whole time I've owned it, I don't know if the tablet is shot, or if the cable doesn't work, or if there is a method of fixing it I haven't tried yet. Anybody have any ideas? Can I disassemble it? Or is it a paperweight now?


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Make sure the charger port is clear of any debris. You may gently dab the connectors with alcohol to clean them.

Not knowing the history of the device, it may be moisture damaged. The computer is the screen, not the keyboard, of course. Smell the ports carefully to try to detect any hint of coffee, juice, or any other liquid.

That being said, I hope you have a jewel there, that can be recovered.

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