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Surface Pen 2017 issue after update


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Hi all!

I have a 2015 Surface Book base model, 128gb SSD w/ integrated graphics. Updated Windows 10 on Oct 31 2017 to what I assume is the latest update, 16299.19. Since this update, I'm having a strange issue with my Surface Pen 2017 model. When I use PaintTool SAI ver. 2 build 8.20, the pressure sensitivity with the pen seems to be off. Trying to draw light lines is basically impossible: They literally don't show up on the screen at all. Only when I apply moderate to hard pressure will my lines appear. And this also applies to starting off a line soft and then increasing pressure. The line will only begin once I add pressure. Once it recognizes I'm trying to draw though, the pressure sensitivity seems fine, and it detects the amount of pressure I'm putting down like normal. I tired re-syncing the pen to no avail, and I'm at a loss as to what else can/should be done. Any help would be appreciated!
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Decided to roll back to a previous build. Currently shows 15063.674, and sure enough, the pen is back to working fine. Tried reinstalling the latest update, but it recreated the problem, so just rolled back once more and have updates currently disabled in services. Unless someone has a suggestion, I'll just wait until December to try updates again and see if they get the problem sorted out.

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