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Poll Surface Book is now randomly working 100%

If you had a lot of problems at launch have they improved since you got your Surface Book?

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Like many of you I had a lot of problems with my Surface Book on day one. The flickering screen while using edge, random BSOD (especially after detaching clipboard), display driver crashing, and---the absolute worst---the clipboard randomly not detaching.

I've been using it every day since I got it and it has slowly improved to the point that I don't really have any problems. I keep detaching the top just because I'm convinced that *this* time it isn't going to work and, lo and behold, the green light comes on and it detaches.

I know some people reported that they never had any problems, but my question is, are there other people like me who experienced most of the reported problems who are now seeing little to no errors of any kind?

I should note that I've installed all available updates, including the Nov 2 one and I'm on the fast track build for W10 so I'm using the latest build. I don't use Hyper V.

I'm just curious if other people are experiencing increased stability so I can reassure myself that Microsoft is doing something and this is not a fluke.


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I modified your title to include "Poll" but I'm not certain it makes sense the way it's worded. For the moment I left it alone.


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My problems are still the same...inconsistent and unreliable multi-monitor support.

The new issue I've noticed recently is the random disconnect and reconnect of my wired Internet connection. It drops, but it quickly reconnects. This happens very sporadically.

Wayne Orwig

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I just changed my vote from 'some problems' to 'no problems'.
I had the screen flickering issue last week. The driver on Monday corrected that.
I then had the driver failing issue starting Monday night.
I just did a reboot, and there was a new install. I don't know what.
On reboot, the screen brightness was way down, and it thought it was detached from the keyboard. :confused:

After two more reboots, all is now well as far as I can tell. I can't reproduce any of the earlier display issue. Time will tell.


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How about a category for I exchanged/RMA'ed mine and it's pretty good now (first one froze constantly--unusable. New one fine
except for couple of different BSODs and occasional display driver error. (I7, 512, 16 Gb, dGPU)


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Yeah, I'm also 1 for 2. First SB was basically DOA, freezing and crashing so frequently it was useless (worse than useless actually, because I spent hours trying to get it to work). Second SB is much, much better, and performs more or less as expected. The only issues I have now are losing the trackpad and mouse sometimes when waking from sleep, but I have found that a detach/attach of the clipboard usually fixes it. I'm very disappointed in my first unit, but very impressed by my second unit. This tells me that product design at MS is strong but QC at their manufacturing facilities is weak.


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When I first got the Surface Book it wasn't working for me. I kept trying to turn it on, but then suddenly some reason it started working out of no where. Glitcheh.

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