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Surface 3+ Surface Pro 4 type cover


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As with the title, has anyone of you here tried that combination. I had a chat with the agents at microsoft and they say it should connect. I also saw one article that it says Surface 3 can use Type Pro 4 Cover. Well there are obvious advantages of the bigger and I'm afraid that the keyboard for SUrface 3 (Type cover) is too small and cramped. And the travel is not good. SO have anyone tried the combination of SUrface 3 and type cover for SUrface Pro 4?


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It works. But it makes the tablet ungainly. I stick with the S3 type cover. It's not as good, but still works fine for me.


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I think what hughlle is trying to say the SP4 typecover is too big for the S3 and the typecover sticks out along the edges... if that doesn't bother you then by all means go buy/use that one...

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