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SP4 bulging screen, overheating battery

I find this post interesting. I too experienced a difficult replacement (also an extended warranty customer) beginning Aug 11. I learned MS no longer had SP3's to replace my faulty i7 unit and I would likely receive an SP4 as a replacement... cool. My local store cannot help because they have no replacement device with my specs. I go to online process the replacement and find that MS had never transferred my extended warranty from the last time I replaced the device, ok I'm sure they can sort this out. I call, plead my case to Jonathan and he tells me he has it under control and to expect my replacement to arrive in 3-5 business days. Few days go by and no notification of an order nor does my account reflect the warranty transfer. How frustrating right?

Well it took numerous calls and chatting with several CS agents over 6 days to finally get a rep that recognized the mistake MS made. On Aug 16th Juan proceeded to transfer my warranty and process a replacement. I ask him to place an advanced exchange to give me the chance to transfer all of my files/docs using both devices which Juan did for me. He explained that I would receive the device Monday the 20th (replacement order was processed on the 16th). Monday rolls around and I have yet to receive a tracking number an the repair status shows no device was shipped... great, I email Juan and get no status update so I call the following day and learn that MS does not have a replacement for me but they are "looking for one"! What!?! I understand my local store not having my exact model for replacement but MS didn't either? Ugh.

Well someone must have been listening in on the call venting my frustration because I was sent a tracking number the 23rd, a week after the order was placed. I received the replacement today, an i7 SP4, and I will send out my old SP3 this weekend.

The replacement device is obviously used but I am concerned that the screen may have been poorly replaced in the past because there is a noticeable gap between the upper frame and the screen. Looks like I'll be contacting them yet again lol.
Update: Today I took the replacement device Microsoft sent me (the one with the crappy screen replacement) and they upgraded it to a Pro 2017/ Pro 5! Verdict is still out on whether or not the device is any good but I'm pleased that I have been able to upgrade my Pro 3 to a Pro 4 to a Pro 5 without shelling out any $$$. Go Microsoft!


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Thank you for getting back to us. Very often people forget they had a thread herrwhen things are working out

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