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SP3 Dock with SP4


I recently acquired an SP4 and also the adapter plate that allows the SP3 Dock to be used with the SP4. I'm experiencing an odd problem that I wondered if anyone can help with. (I tried asking this question of Microsoft support, but after 20 minutes of explaining the problem and having the support person not understand, I gave up.)

When I dock the device my external monitor works just fine. The keyboard and mouse from the dock generally work fine as well. The device however indicates "plugged in, not charging" for its power status.

The white light is illuminated on the right side of the dock, which I thought indicated that it was successfully passing along power.

Anyone have any ideas?


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Leave it plugged in for a little bit then unplug it and see if the battery level has changed.

The plugged in not charging is a bug that some users experience with the normal charger, but despite what the surface states, the battery still gets charged.

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