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SP3 deleting my handwriting in onenote :(

Grant denbrock

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I use my SP3 OneNote application for doing math for school and work but I am consistently having the problem of it deleting entire lines of work after I am done writing, sometimes 2 or 3 lines at a time! I have a feeling it has something to do with the cursor because I can see it blinking behind my work sometimes after I am done writing. I have taken to wearing a glove so my hand doesn't touch the screen but this doesn't seem to help :( anybody else have this problem or have a solution? Much appreciated in advance!


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This isn't an issue limited to the SP3, moving this to applications.


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I though I saw a post about this in the W10 preview but I cannot find it... Are you running Windows 10?

Man it's almost like we need a prompt for every post... Which version of Windows are you using. :)

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