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Skype Now Allows Anyone to Join a Chat with Direct Links


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Skype just gets better and better. Those crafty Microsoft engineers have baked some new functionality into the popular mass market video chat software. Now anyone can join in on a chat session using Direct Links.

This basically means you can send out a link to the chat using a variety of methods (even if it was sent via something other than Skype). Whomever you send it to can use that link to join the convo. This includes sending the link over Facebook Messenger for example, and those who use the link don't even have to have Skype installed on their device. The link simply uses Skype for Web and creates a temporary guest account for that session.

These guests can join in on video calls, instant messaging and/or voice calls. The guests don't even need to have a Skype account setup for it to work. Check out the video below for a demonstration, and the source link below will provide even more info.

Source: Skype

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