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Should I keep my SP7?


I feel like I got a good deal at BB with $800 for the platinum i5 128gb with keyboard. I got it a week ago for work. However with the Intel chipset coming out now, is it likely a new one will come out in October with the slimmer design and TB4? I'm weighing returning it and waiting.


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It's always the same story :) every year a new product comes out with improvements. The real question is, do you really need a new potential feature (nothing is announced as of now). From what I've seen the new intel chips are faster in graphics performance. How important is that for your usecase? Is a potential flatter design important to you? As always I personally would wait and see. Intel is doing the hype train right now... But we know nothing about power consumption for example. It could be the same story as the SP7 which was the first surface with intels 10nm chips and much better graphics performance, but also battery life took a hit compared to SP6. So performance is not the whole story. Anyway just ask yourself what are the features you really need and how would your workflow benefit from a potential SP8.
BTW: I'm not saying it's not worth it for you. Only you can decide that. But I always ask myself if there is actual practical benefit in upgrading or if I just want that new tech product rush :D

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