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Pro 3 won't turn on after sleep?


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ive had similar issue for the past 3 months but I was able to turn it back on by pressing for 20 seconds on the power button. Now that it's not responding I've surfed around and tried the below methods:
Hold the power button for 30 seconds
Hold the power plus volumn up button for 15 seconds
Press the window key, ctrl, shift and b key
Let it charge for 30 minutes and try again

None of the above worked
I've called Microsoft they said my warranty had expired so I need to pay a whopping $700 for repairement...

It's only been 4 months passed warrenty obviously I wouldn't wanna pay for that, especially a brand new one is only usd$850, any other suggestions guys?


Honestly I think they screwed something up with the SP3 with one of the updates, my SP3 was flawless until a month or so ago but now I'm having the same issues as your stating, I posted about it here and at the MS Community.. I did both types of resets with no help, I was and still thinking of doing a clean install of Win 10.
For now I ran the the powercfg.exe /hibernate off command at the Command Prompt so it never goes into a deep hibernation forcing it to reboot and get hung up... That may be where the problem lies seeing Win 10's hibernation is tied in with it's Fast Startup.


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Read on one of the forums by bending the camera inward I managed to get the device going. Immediately disabled all the sleep and hibernation functions, still this is just a short term solution, has this been confirmed as a window 10 platform error? Perhaps I could have this fixed free of charge dispite out of warranty, given that this update was just a pretty recent one?


I found sleep modes are fine, only when it goes into hibernation does it want to try and reboot which gets hung up at the Surface logo forcing me to force shutoff then try rebooting. Its a 50/50 chance of it booting up ok, otherwise I have to force it shutoff again then do the Vol. Up/Power on method...

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