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One Note and Dropbox Questions


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This is only good for uploading one folder at a time. If the folder contains sub-folders, then I have to create all of the sub-folders, and upload the files to each sub-folder separately. This can be time consuming if there are a lot of subfolders.

I will apologize since I am by no means an expert at all of this, and I see that you have been very careful to try all your options.
The last time I tried to upload a large folder with subfolders to OneDrive was when I sent 50 gb of photos there, by dragging and dropping to the OneDrive folder on my computer. It took over 24 hours to upload, but it did work.

Perhaps some of the more "OneDrive savvy" people on this forum would be able to give more helpful advice. In fact, I may start a thread.


Thanks to all here for the OneDrive recommendations. After buying Office 365 on Saturday afternoon, I copied the contents of my Dropbox folder to my OneDrive folder to start the uploading process. As of this morning it has transferred about 5 GB. Only 75 GB left to go. Seems like this might take a while. (And I've been leaving my PC on continuously.) :)

I'm just glad that I'm on a faster pipe than previously. My prior DSL connection was half the speed of my current cable modem.


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After reading up on the features of OneDrive, I found out that the files and folders I'm actually seeing that are setup for Online Only Mode are actually thumbnails. I was thinking they were taking up space on my hard drive. When I turn off my wifi connection, it was trying unsuccessfully to download the file. I feel better knowing that I can add as many files and folders as I want, set them to Online Only, and know that they won't take up space on my hard drive. Only the ones I set as Offline will take up space. I'm starting to like OneDrive the more I use it.



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I'm interested in switching from Dropbox to OneDrive. Anyone know of a service or good way to transfer all of my files from my Dropbox account to my OneDrive account?

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