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New sp3 owner (pluses and minuses given)


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Liking it very much. I really like OneNote (full version) and annotating on PPT's. The i5 is faster than I expected.

- PortableApps work great
- Bittorrent sync works great
- Camtasia (screencasts) works great
- VistaSwitcher works great as an alt-tab replacement
- external monitor worked fine as did Synergy for keyboard mouse control fronm another PC

- managing battery life
- Dropbox (desktop, not the tablet version) prevents sleep and kills battery
- looking for a way to disable/enable the attached keyboard (I may get a 2nd bluetooth to use while I'm drawing)
- looking for a way to turn off (and quickly turn on) the touch interface -- I'd like to do this when drawing
- would like the docking station



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Welcome to the forum Tom.

All in all not that bad. ;)
Someone here may be able to make some suggestion on your quibbles.

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