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Need help buying my first Microsoft Surface


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Hi , I'm a new here , I've never owned a Tablet and haven't had a laptop for years and I think the Microsoft Surface might be what I need when I go traveling OS ?
I don't need anything extremally powerful its just for the basics but I do want security its just for web browsing , emails , banking and share trading . I prefer the larger screen than the GO . I can't see the point buying new so looking for which year & model would suit my needs without running into too many issues and still performs pretty good .


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Welcome the forum, @Mountainhiker. Thanks for the very clear description of what you have in mind. The Surface Pro 8 seems to be a good fit. It has a 13 inch screen edge-to-edge. Battery life is good according to a couple of my colleagues, who even use it on international travels. This device is used by many who contribute (content) to this site.

I am a geologist and have been taking Surface devices out on rugged field trips and hikes for about 12 years now. Your handle caught my attention.

Though we are Surface enthusiasts here, we are not part of Microsoft, nor receive compensation for this site. We are merely a community of volunteers willing to help.

One more thing: The constant adverts and news about computer viruses and security issues probably scares you, especially since you will be traveling with a portable device and connecting to various WiFi, etc. I have found that Windows Defender provided at no extra charge under Windows 10, now also Windows 11 has kept me well protected. You may, of course, use other products for added protection, but I am very pleased with my experience with Defender since its major improvements under and since Windows 8. My background has been in communications security since the 1970s, and I have used all the major third-party products - until the advent of Windows 10 integration with better security. Just my $.02 .