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Long time MS user, first time Surface user


Okay, so I still have disks for Windows 1.02. I used and in-house evaluated Windows NT for my office back in the mid 90s. I've used most editions of Windows since the beginning, though I sidestepped ME and Vista almost completely, and only had a single laptop running W8/8.1. That laptop was a Sony Flip - 15.6" convertible with n-trig pen.

I'm in the process of trying to replace my desktop with the SP4. I never game, and most of my daily programs are primarily single-threaded. BUT, I use a buttload of real-estate and will likely be switching from a 3-head 4960x1600 desktop to a 2x 4k desktop (plus the SP4 screen). It will be plugged into it's dock ~70% of the time, but will be guaranteed to be wireless pretty much every day, and hopefully follow me into the field (building site for architectural projects) to be used as a portable reference and note-taking machine.


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