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Solved Just got a new Surface 3. Power problems?

Hi all,

I just got a new Surface 3 2 days ago. When I got it out of the box, I plugged it in to charge and went out for dinner. 2.5 hours later, I came back and it only charged 5%.

Ever since then, I always get the plugged in, not charging message when I hover over the battery icon in the taskbar. I know that this can be caused by the device using more power than the charger can supply. But I wasn't doing anything heavy or demanding. I was only working with OneNote and Spotify.

I contacted Microsoft support and they told me to initiate an exchange. I called the store today and they didn't sound too thrilled or happy. (Customer service eh.) Reviews for my local Microsoft Store is so-so. I would rather fix the problem than exchange the device in a shady store. Also, my problem isn't always happening. It only happens about 80% of the time so I'm not sure if they will make an exchange.

Is any other Surface 3 users getting this message? I'm using Windows 10 (Shipped with it unfortunately).

Bonus problem:
Using the Surface Pen will sometimes cause finger touches to register as long presses/right clicks. There's no fix to this unless I do a reboot.

Any input is greatly appreciated!


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Can't you can exchange it through Support online if your afraid of the store although a replacement is a replacement. The logic of people sometimes baffles me though... if there was a fix wouldn't they most likely have done it rather than telling you to exchange it. maybe if you sprinkle it with pixie dust it will fix itself :)

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