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Is the Surface Pro 3 still worth it?


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I use something similar called Momentum! Gives that nice looking dashboard esque new tab screen.

Also I took a chance and bought the Surface Pro 3! I found an offer on eBay, where someone was selling theirs with the pen, and the surface 4 version keyboard cover, along with a second charger; and the Surface was the i5, 4gb, 128gb version that I had been looking at, all for less than $400!

That's a great deal! Congrats!


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Amazon has them for $45 and that includes the extra tips. I like it because you just flip it over like a pencil and erase so you don't have to tap on eraser and then tap back on ink to start writing again. Really cool.

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Oh that's less than I thought, and does seem like a good feature...I'll definitely have to take that into consideration!

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