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i7 / 8gb / 256gb - Multi-display - Overheating


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I'm hoping someone will have a solution to this.

Upgrade to Win10, downgraded to 8.1 because Win10 is a PITA.

Running a triple monitor setup using: http://cplonline.com.au/evga-displayport-hub-graphics-adapter-200-dp-1301-l4.html

Monitor 1: Surface Pro 3 - docked
Monitor 2: BenqGL2460 - Display Port -> VGA cable
Monitor 3: BenqGL2460 - Display Port -> VGA Cable

Whilst the surface is docked and being used in this configuration, it works fine some days and other days, the screens turn off for a second and then turn back on.

The surface itself gets unbearably hot to the touch and then the screens simply turn off and the Surface refuses to detect them until a full reboot takes place.

I've found the uninstalling the monitor drivers and rebooting usually forces the Surface to recognise there's a device attached. Unfortunately this doesn't always work.

I use to this the problem was driver related until I shut off automatic updates for drivers and am still having the issue.

Aside from a full reinstall, I'm at a loss.

Cheers for any assistance,


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That type of problem has been reported by some on Windows 10 but I don't remember seeing anyone having the problem on 8.1. Did it work properly when you were on 10?


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Tested the hub with 3 laptops (HP 8440p, Lenovo x220, x230 and x240)

All but the x240 handled dual monitors fine - they can't do more than that - and the x240 did triple without issues.

Also doesn't explain the thermal cut on the video adapter

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