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How to recognize an original screen for surface pro 3


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I'm new here, so my name is Vincenzo, and I'm really nice to meet you.

I need your help cause i broke my surface's screen (pro 3). So I went to this shop which said that he is an autorized reseller. But i think he is going to sell me a fake lcd and digitalizer because he wouldn't show me a microsoft recive.

he also said that the part costs 280 euro.

So may I can do something to be sure that's original? Of course I can check on the inside side to find same code. Thank you for your help! :)

Wayne Orwig

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I doubt you can get the part from Microsoft. They would only want to deal in a refurbished unit, not individual components.
If you want a component, like an LCD screen, you are going to have to get it from an alternate source.

Have them show you the old and new part numbers, and get some sort of short term guarantee. Or get a refurbished unit for a LOT more money.


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I think you're right, I wrote this post for this reason. Infact I don't believe that Microsoft sells original parts. But I wasn't sure. Do you know how I can be sure about this? I mean if I can write to someone, maybe in Microsoft, to be sure they don't sells original parts.
Thank you for your actention.

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