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How to ink on Word document without editing text


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I have a Surface Pro 7 (for work) and a Surface Go (at home). At work, I mostly ink into OneNote, which is going fine. This evening I am trying to ink onto a Word document at home, in connection with a charity I'm involved with.

Pre-covid, the charity would send out a printed form, I would fill it in with a pen, and then I would send the form back. Now they have sent the form by email. I think they expect me to print it, fill it in and scan it, and email the scan back. However, my printer's not working at present. No problem, I thought - I can ink onto the form with my Surface pen.

The form has lots of little boxes, some of which I need to put crosses into. Every time I try to put a cross into a box, Word moves the box. This happens the same way on my work and home devices. I have Word as part of Office 365 on both.

How do I get it to keep all the pre-existing content exactly where and what it is, and just ink on top? If I was in OneNote, I would do "set picture as background", but I don't know what to do in Word.

Thanks very much.


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As first idea you could print your word document into a OneNote page. There your document would appear as image(s). Great to use the pen there.


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Here a more direct idea: In Word you can open the ribbon "Draw" (in German this is called "Zeichnen"). Just choose a pen there and you are ready to go.
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