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Hello, I'm Stupid, I disabled all services in MS Config


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Thanks for listening. I have a Surface Pro2 running Windows 10. In troubleshooting my son's Minecraft hanging app issue, there was a suggestion to turn off certain app services that may have been stepping on the Minecraft app. So when I rebooted none of the services where enabled and when I flick past the lock screen (clock and date) its just the same screen without the date and doesn't do anything. I went into the BIOS but no change affected this, not sure where to go to go in and turn everything back on. THAT WAS PRETTY STUPID :), IF I SAY SO MYSELF.

Thanks in advance.


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If you have windows explorer bar loaded you could do a Win+r and try to enable msconfig settings or services.msc as well.
If you don't have a windows explorer bar you could do ctrl+alt+del call for task manager and then do a run, run explorer and then the same as before.


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Thanks John, I am grateful. For some reason it is not responding to CTRL ALT DEL even though the keyboard is lit up. Nor any other keys. I must have disabled something there. Pretty frustrating. Not sure if you have any other ideas. Ive been in the BIOS and changed those settings to no avail. The on Screen Keyboard doesn't seen to want to let me CTRL ALT DEL either. Thanks again for your help.

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