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Game of Thrones Season 6 Hall of Faces Teaser Hints at Mass Death


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We wanted to give any Game of Thrones fans a heads up that the latest teaser/trailer is out and it could shake things to the core. If you hate spoilers then do NOT watch the video in the thread below, and do NOT read further. You have been warned!

The video teaser that was released is quite disturbing. It's not disturbing because of any violent imagery, it's disturbing because we see a number of character faces in the Hall of Faces, and many of them have not died yet. Several of the faces speak one of their most famous lines when the camera hovers over them, but the most notable ones show up in the last part of the video and are completely silent. These faces even include Tyrion, Daenerys, Arya and Bran!

What could this mean? Please share your theories in the thread!


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I wish there is a way to recreate the last season. Such a disappointment.
I thought the last season would be aground breaker, but feel sorry to myself.


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I want a game to e released under this franchise. A VR game would be a next-level experience. I have seen many game producers using groundbreaking ai services to provide a greater user experience. There has been a rumour that EA is working on VR powered gaming experience. I totally excited about it.

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