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electrical short in Surface Pro 3 Desktop Station


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This week I got my Surface Pro 3 with two Desktop Stations.
The Surface worked as it should - charging cable worked also -my first impressions was: GREAT!!

But than I put the Surface in the first Desktop Station. The light at the Desktop Station disappeared and the Surface didn't load. So I took it out and than: a light at the Adapter at the side, than smoke. I pulled the charger cable of the Desktop Station out as fast as I could. But one contact at the Adapter of the Desktop station was charred.
I thought - OK, bad luck with this Desktop Station, because the original charger cable of the Surface worked.

After that I took the 2nd Desktop Station, plugged the original power cable in - all looked good.
But than - the same story. Surface in - no power light at the Desktop Station - Surface Out - electricl short at the 2nd Desktop Station, too.

So I guess that the Surface Pro is the Problem, not the Docking Stations.

Who had the same experience?!

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This needs some photos.

I assume you already contacted (purchase place) for replacements of everything.


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I also have to assume that you are referring to SP3 docking stations.

I didn't know what causes the problem, because the Docking Stations looked good before the Surface was in the dock the first time. After that, both stations had the electrical short. So I thought, that the Surface's power Interface might be the Problem. Because of that - I opened the thread in this forum.....
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