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Docking Station for SP7


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I am thinking of buying a SP7 and was wondering is there a docking station available for it where you can just drop the laptop into.


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Hi, @Kalmiany. Welcome.

No, I do not think such a docking station is available. But the existing docking station available has a single magnet-assisted connector to an SP7 or other Surface device, and has a much smaller footprint on your desk.


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It would be nice if you could just drop your SP into a docking station no need to play a round with cables. Apples Mac Books use to have one from a company called Henge Docks.


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The Microsoft dock works well with any of the recent Surface devices. It uses one connection to the charging socket and gives a range of connectors. Mine sits behind my Surface and under the monitor on my desk, and charges the Surface while I am using it. Not cheap but a good working solution.


FWIW, I've now had two separate Surface docks fail on me. One failed entirely (about 2 years old), and the second works for everything except the Ethernet direct internet connection. Very disappointing for what should be a pretty simple piece of hardware, and expensive at that.

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