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Docking SP3 compatible with SP7?


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I think to upgrade my SP3 with the Surface pro3 docking station to a SP7.

I like to know if somebody managed to get the SP7 working with the SP3 docking station?
the dock is so easy in use and the design is fairly ok.
the Kensington dock is nice but pricy.

Couldn't find some info even the CS from Microsoft in Belgium don't know?


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The latest dock is Surface Dock 2. It works with SP7. Be cautious about expecting to use 2 external monitors via the USB C slots. Many, many problems. Check Google for "Surface Dock 2 can't handle 2 monitors" and make your decision. Other parts of the Dock 2 work fine. I do have an issue with SD2 getting the Dell app on the SP7 to recognize an external Dell monitor via SD2. The monitor works fine, but the Dell app offers some options not available via Windows Setting Display actions.

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