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Deformed SP3? Anyone notice that their SP3 is curved outwards in the middle?


My i5 256 has this curve and if a slight pressure is applied it will straighten out. It has been mentioned that the screen is not curved just the top. I can take a thread and stretch it across the glass and see that the glass is indeed curved and can be straightened with slight pressure. Maybe I'll make a video.


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My i5 256 also has the curve on the (landscape) top. The glass is definitely bowed, but also can be straightened with slight pressure. I noticed the curve a couple days after receiving it, but I believe it may have gotten worse since then. As others have noted, it doesn't seem to affect the operation of the unit, but does bug me a little.


Is my issue the same as you are talking about? Please see below the post I posted a few minutes ago:

I noticed yesterday that on the top left side of the Surface Pro 3. There also seems to be a slight protrusion of the lighter bezel where it joins the darker bezel (right next to the power volume button).

I can see that there is some dust deposited already between the bezel and the glass in that area.

It is very hard for me to describe. I am attaching a picture so that you can see the area I am talking about, even though you won´t probably see the issue (if it is indeed an issue).

Has anyone else noticed that? Should I be concerned the bezel may with time get more detached from the glass?

Thank you for your input in advance.

Have a nice day!

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Is this what you are all talking about?


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I bought a Surface Pro 3 on the day after launch day (that one was bent but I could live with it). Last week my SP3 had strange battery problems and they replaced it at the store (but that one was bent too). I took a look at the display units at the Microsoft Store and they all had a slight curve to them. From what I can tell It's a manufacturing problem they've never fixed.


It looks like to me because of the plastic strip at the top for the antennas. The sp3 is not stiff at the top vs. the bottom where the magnesium run all the way across.

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