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Can a Book 2 use a Book 1 keyboard base?


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Can a Book 2 use a Book 1 keyboard base? We think the base on our 2 has gone bad, and looking at the cost of replacements on eBay (it’s out of warranty), we’re needing a replacement but don’t want to pay either the huge cost of a replacement keyboard on eBay or the cost of an out of warranty replacement to Microsoft.


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The keyboard base for Surface Book 1 is not compatible with Surface Book 2. A few things were changed for the Surface Book 2, including a different shape for the connection tabs and different mechanism and electrical connection for the "muscle wire".

It may be helpful for you to know that the Surface 2 base is interchangeable with any Surface Book 2 of the same size (13.5 or 15 inch). There continue to be used base units available in computer repair shops and online, so keep looking.

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