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Andriod Emulation?


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There have been quite a few threads on emulating Android on Windows systems. There is no reason that it wouldn't/shouldn't work on the S3.

This appears to be the most stable option http://www.amiduos.com/ but it probably would not run quite as well as it would if you had a Pro but should work.


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In that case, oops. Without hardware support it's going to be a problem with any emulator or VM.


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I haven't looked at the Bios yet but I doubt there's an option to turn it on. The Atom does have VT and VT x2 capability. Maybe in the future when W10 brings us Android and iOS Apps. :) we might need a Bios or FW tweak to enable it.

Here's an article indicating Bluestaks worked but badly...

Hmm, no hardware VT means no Hyper-V and no client hypervisor for the enterprise... uh oh.


It actually works on the S3 even without the hardware virtualization.
Follow the instructions in the video.
Some things like wireless didn't work right for me until I did a couple of extra reboots, but now it seems fine.


I read somewhere that installing this will disable "Connected Standby" on the Surface 3.

Can anybody confirm this? This looks like an interesting option, but I would prefer not to lose connected standby.



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The ATOM X7 can support Virtualization but it is not accessible in the UEFI Firmware as of yet, my understanding is the Surface Engineering Support Team is investigating the use case and may expose it later through an update (This was done with the Original Surface Pro as well).


I played around with it for a little while and couldn't find an interesting Android app other than games. I might just uninstall it as a waste of disk space.
What useful Android apps are available besides games that would run in this and not already be available as a Windows app?


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car2go, for one....most apps are written for Android and iOS, so this really expands what you can do with a Surface 3.
I'm using Bluestacks on mine and loving it. The thing I like about it, which I don't think is true with AmiDUOS, is that you don't have to go into the Android environment to launch the app. Bluestacks creates an APPS folder in the Windows area, and each Android app that you install gets its own app icon....and you can pin them to the taskbar, desktop, or Start Menu, like any Windows app.

As for what benefit this gives me....1) I subscribe to Marvel Unlimited, which is not available on Windows but is on
Android; 2) My favorite Bible app is the Lifechurch one. While it's in the Windows store, many features that I like on the Android version are not on the Windows version; 3) I'm a big magazine reader, and some magazines are on the Google Play Store that aren't on the Nook app; and 4) for some reason, the Windows version of Hulu keeps crashing on me, so this allows me to run it from Android.

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