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  1. O

    My surface book 2 kyeboard not working

    Hi , My problem is that after the battery runs out the SB2 turns off and when charging it I found that the keyboard does not write when typing or recognize the USB controller or USB flash but the backlight and detashable are working , i tried to reset windows and install all drivers and...
  2. J

    Surface Pro 2 suddenly will not start Windows 10

    My Surface Pro 2 suddenly will not start Windows 10. Only Surface logo will appear on screen for several seconds and then go black. A couple of times "Preparing automatic repair" appeared at the bottom but nothing happened. Obviosly I don't know that much about tablets. I am not sure if my...
  3. C

    Surface Pro 2 Trackpad Error

    EDIT: Yes, already lol. I have been able to consistently recreate the issue. When I click one finger towards the bottom of the trackpad, it acts as a right click. When I click higher up on trackpad, it works correctly. I will be headed back to MS yet again tomorrow for SP2 number 3, in 3 days...
  4. deadcatwalking

    Solved Touch Screen Fix (Permanent)

    Hi all. I just wanted to post this for anyone who is having issues with a dead touch screen. I discovered a permanent fix when the infamous 'battery drain' fix only worked until I rebooted. I hope this helps you all. If it does please like or comment on the video I created and share with other...
  5. A

    Touchscreen stopped working

    all of a sudden my touchscreen stopped working. It was working just fine, left it on the table for a few days and then it didn't work anymore. done a lot of research online and tried soft-resets, rolling back the touch firmware etc. What I've found is that apparently a firmware update failed to...
  6. M

    Type Cover (1) isn't working

    My Type cover isn't working (I have no backlight so I guess I have the first version) At first when it stopped working correctly it sometimes worked when it had a certain angle between the keyboard and the screen. Now I can't seem to find this "hotspot". I read this could be caused by a bad...
  7. C

    Solved Manually downloaded Intel beta graphics driver and ...surprise...that was not a good idea

    Now, this Surface (which I borrowed, for an international trip, btw, not completely sure if it's Pro2 or 3. I have to return it in less than 3 weeks. Or ...ig might as well not go back, haha) anyway, the Surface now has a black screen. device was on the charger, fully charged, keyboard is...
  8. S

    Old Surface 2 Finally Goes Kaput?

    I recently aquired a used surface pro from a family member and while I'm not normally a tablet kind of person (I prefer notebooks and laptops) I was interested in it because it seemed to be held to a high standard of performance as bragged by Microsoft. This Surface has had some history. I was...
  9. 0

    Wireless card not working after reset of Surface 2

    Good day everyone, I was wondering if someone could give me a hand this the issue I'm facing. After reseting my install of W8 on my tablet (in order to leave it to a friend), the network driver was not installed and an error 10 appeared on the device manager saying that the driver is not there...
  10. S

    Automatic Repair BSOD Loop Cannot Boot From USB

    Hello, I have a Surface 2 that is caught in an Automatic Repair BSOD Loop. I have tried to hold down the volume up and/or down to access the USB boot menu after downloading the RT files from Microsoft on a FAT USB but cannot get into the boot menu nor will it recognize any USB and I have tried...
  11. A

    What do you do with your Surface 2?

    I was given a Surface 2, and I'm pretty excited. I'm planning to use it for a 2nd screen, and writing assignments, and personal projects. With ie 11, though I'm nervous about web compatibility but it will suit my current needs for now. So my question is those of you who have the Surface 2, or...

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