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  1. jnjroach

    Current Setup of my Surface Pro X and Surface DUO

    Surface Pro X and Surface DUO, and yes, the Pro X is driving two 4K monitors, the new keyboard and mouse is the MS Designer Mobile and MS Mobile Mouse...the little guy on the desk is Vector (Cloud AI Driven Companion Robot)
  2. jnjroach

    My First Twelve Hours with the Duo

    I've seen the reviews from the Technoarchy and they still want to compare it to a Note 20 Ultra or iPhone 11 but those of us who are advocating that isn't a phone are approaching it as phone capable but not phone primary. Personal Digital Assistant is closer. My use case is that I want it for...
  3. jnjroach

    Surface Book 3 - Microsoft Build Virtual Event Unboxing for Developers

    This is from MS Build Virtual Event on why the Surface Book 3 is the workstation for developers Also, he does a complete tear down into the components - interestedly enough we get info that the Screen on the device can last up to 5 hours on it's own. Disclaimer - I also know Frank and his...
  4. jnjroach

    New Firmware - November 21 Update

    New Firmware Package was pushed out over the weekend - Windows Update History Name Device Manager Name Microsoft Corporation – System Hardware Update – 11/21/2019 Microsoft SQ1 Adreno 685 GPU – Display Adapters 26.18.830.0 resolves issues connecting to an external monitor via USB-C...
  5. jnjroach

    Microsoft announces October 2nd Hardware Event

    New Surface updates - maybe Centaur or more doubtful Andromeda and officially unveil the shipping version of HaloLens 2 I'm hoping for an ARM-based Surface Go 2 with the Qualcomm 8cx and 5G :) Microsoft announces Surface event on October 2nd in New York City
  6. jnjroach

    Microsoft teases their new dual screen device

    Not Andromeda but Centaurus - the larger one... Microsoft teases its secret dual-screen Surface device They need to nail this...
  7. jnjroach

    New Surface Device Tomorrow? Looks like 6:00 AM Annoucement

    Will it be the Surface 4 Only or will there be a surprise???? Microsoft Surface on Twitter
  8. jnjroach

    Surface Hub 2 Announcement (coming in 2019)

    50.5" 3:2 aspect ratio - uses Core OS and uses CShell for UI :) Microsoft Surface Hub | Connect, Collaborate & Share All-In-One Device
  9. jnjroach

    SP4 Screen Flicker Replacement Program

    If your device is impacted please see here for remediation -
  10. jnjroach

    Intel pulls Spectre and Meltdown CPU Patches

    For those of you experiencing reboots after the CPU Patches (SP2/SP3) Intel says that have found the root cause and are fixing - Root Cause of Reboot Issue Identified; Updated Guidance for Customers and Partners More info to follow, and I believe that this bug impacts new gen CPUs as well.
  11. jnjroach

    Microsoft Announces the Surface Book 2 - 13" and 15" versions

    Introducing Surface Book 2, the most powerful Surface Book ever - Microsoft Devices Blog With the latest 8th Gen Intel Core processors and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and 1060 discrete graphics there you go Surface Book fans
  12. jnjroach

    Inking coming to Edge in Fall Creator's Update

    I haven't seen anyone mention this - as of Build 16237 Edge now supports Windows Ink on PDFs. It works really well, at least as good as Drawboard and should be good enough for most users. I've tested on some large PDFs (40MB - 800 pages).
  13. jnjroach

    Microsoft announces the Surface Laptop and Windows 10S

    Panos Panay - Surface on Twitter
  14. jnjroach

    MS releases Updated Firmware and Drivers - August 30, 2016

    Details below: Microsoft Surface Book update history | Surface firmware updates
  15. jnjroach

    Updated Firmware and Drivers - August 30, 2016

    Yesterday MS released new Firmware and Drivers for the SP4 listed below: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 update history | Surface firmware updates
  16. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 3 Battery Fix has been released in today's Firmware Update

    As the title says.... Surface Pro 3 Battery FAQ for the 8/29/2016 System Firmware Update
  17. jnjroach

    New Hardware Updates for the SP4 5/24/2016

    6 new updates: Marvell Bluetooth Radio driver Marvell Wireless-AC Network Controller driver Surface Management Engine driver Surface NVM Express Controller driver Surface Embedded Controller driver firmware Intel Precision Touch driver Installed on the latest RS Build without issue....
  18. jnjroach

    Adblock and Adblock Plus for Edge Available for Insiders

    No more host file hack :) Adblock Plus – Windows Apps on Microsoft Store Very Cool....
  19. jnjroach

    Surface Pro 4 Signature Type Cover - New

    This is the new Type Cover for the SP4 - pretty impressive but $30 USD more than the normal one. I like it :)
  20. jnjroach

    Inking making a huge comeback in Redstone 1

    Recap of today's announcements at Build around new inking capabilities and apps.... The Future of Pen: Windows Ink

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