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    Anyone dare install Win 11 beta on their Surface Pro 6?

    I have updated in-place to Windows 11 on all of my Surface devices: SB2, SP6, SGo2 without a hitch with the general release.
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    Which color of signature type cover you prefer?Platinum , Cobalt Blue and Burgundy.Thanks

    I have the platinum for a more professional look; but found it too bland and updated to the poppy colour. I think you made the happy middle with the blue
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    Best Way to Read Kindle Books??

    I have SP4 and SB2 13 and use a Kindle paperwhite still. I would also use my iPhone7 Plus in a pinch.
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    What games are you playing on your SP4?

    I tried Fortnite recently on my SP4 i7 256GB 16GB RAM version and it was playable at low settings with framerates in the low 40's. If I played for more than an hour or more I would consider putting into a colder environment or a fan behind it.
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    Surface book charger.

    I did the experiment with the Apple 61W USB-C charging adapter and it worked just fine. So whenever stuck you can use a USB-C based charger. However, I was in a BestBuy and there was an open box charger from a SB2 so picked it up
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    Anyone play Fortnite on your SB/SB2?

    I play it on my SB2 13.5" and the GTX 1050 does well enough to play. I'm using mouse and keyboard but I have heard you will be able to use the Nintendo Switch Pro controller. what level of FPS are you getting with the GTX 1060?
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    Gaming on the SB 2 13.5"

    I have played only a handful of games since getting my SB2 13. Overwatch, StarCraft II, deserts of kharak, I know I didn't want to try getting my Battlefield 1 installation on it. I have yet to load up Metro Last light or 2033 to try. Playing older titles (2015 and older) can be a pain since the...
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    Best earphones or ear buds for the Surface?

    I too have a SP4 as well as a recently acquired SB2 (that earphone plug is in the wrong place for sure!). I use Skype for Business endlessly, I have 2 things that I use. first is my default as I always have my Bose QC20 QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones—Apple® devices. the...
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    SB2 Power button

    I just recently went for it and picked up a new SB2 i7/512GB 13" and really enjoy it. I also have a SP3 and SP4. Using the latter mostly for business and the SB2 as another option for business and personal when travelling depending on how much horsepower I want to have. I like it a lot for...
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    External monitor resolution problem

    I've only been able to resolve it by converting to the other inputs on the monitor. HDMI works fine on my 1440p monitor but my 1980x1200 monitor requires a VGA DSUB connector. I tried the HDMI and the DL-DVI and couldn't get beyond 1080p. I am also using the Surface Dock. I spent a bunch on...
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    Get pro4 or wait for 5

    I just went for an SP4 i7/256/16GB version 2 days ago as an upgrade from my throttling and memory starved SP3 i7/256/8GB. it was working well for the most part and I was holding out for the SP5; but with recent tweets about the lack of an SP5 in 2017 I went for it. Here in Canada it just went on...
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    Surface Pro handwritten note taker

    @Jeff, not sure if this is the right place to ask this. I know you have had an SP3/4 and now SB. which did you prefer for writing? in tablet mode? I'm looking this year to move from my SP3.
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    Type cover not being recognised.

    I was just about to post a question about this. I have a SP3 and was happily using the SP3 Type Cover; until the SP4 new Type Cover came out and got rave reviews. So I snatched one up and in the last 2 months I have experienced situations where when the screen is locked (power connected) or when...
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    Recall makes the Surface Pro 3 worthless

    well I ordered it on Sunday night and its Wednesday and it already arrived.
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    Recall makes the Surface Pro 3 worthless

    hhmm... I did the replacement AC cord for my SP3; but what about the spare power adapter? Has anyone managed to get a replacement for one of these?
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    Do you keep your SP3 on mains after full charge?

    When working away at my desk I have it connected to go with a higher brightness and I also like to know that I have a full charge should I be called away and have to be unplugged for most of the day while bouncing from meeting to meeting.
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    Screen Protector - Yes or No?

    I went with full Matte Ghost Armor. two main reasons: 1) large clean glass lying in front of you that is likely to get something dropped or slip out of your fingers 2) the glare from the screen is murder in a lot of the different offices I visit an the matte helps a LOT but the sharpness of the...
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    Firmware Update on 5/19/15

    Confirmed and downloading it now Surface Pro 3 UEFI update (v3.11.850.0) includes changes needed for compatibility with the updated graphics driver. HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.14.4170) improves graphics performance and includes better Miracast (wireless display) support. Display...
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    System Firmware Update 1/15/2015

    I have had the System Firmware update appear a few times after it came out. I've just come to accept it; but I only did a change such as remove and install Office 2013 (repairing an issue with OneNote) and regular windows Updates that come in.
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    Anyone carry a portable USB hub with their SP3?

    I have this 4-Port with me most times:

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