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    Surface Book 2 Teaser?

    It's either a sneaky look at a new Surface Book, or it's just Intel coloring a SB 1 for their short ad and didn't think much of anyone would notice/care.
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    Will there be a Surface Book 2

    Some more info Leaked Microsoft memo reveals high Surface Book return rates None of this is a surprise really......MS is just doing what companies do. Trying to put a positive spin on something no matter what it is. The return rate could be 100% and they'd find a way to try and make it...
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    New pro 4gb vs pro4 4/8gb

    If battery life isn't a big deal to you, then get the 4. That's pretty much all there is to it. Sure the new version has the newer CPU, but by far the biggest difference between the 2 generations is battery life.
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    No Surface Book 2?

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't another Surface Book. It's a cool product but I question whether or not it sold well enough to justify a 2nd version. I tend to think there's a decent chance the Surface Laptop is a Book replacement and even if it isn't, I would think the...
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    No chance for Gaming

    It's not a gaming just isn't. If you want to play any kind of recent games you better REALLY lower your expectations for how well it's going to run. If at all. It's one of multiple reasons I just find the Surface line of devices to be crazy overpriced, you're just not getting...
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    Who's getting one?

    I have no idea why anyone would buy one honestly. $1000 freaking dollars for an i5/4gb/128gb laptop is ridiculous, but they've obviously gone the Apple route of overpricing all of their devices to make them feel more "premium" or whatever. And the i7/16gb/512gb version is $2,200. What a joke.
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    "Surface Book with Performance Base"

    I'm a bit surprised they're not selling it separately, but at the same time if they did you know it would be at an extreme markup. You'd basically be buying a battery and a 965M, and I have little doubt that it would cost A LOT more than what people would think that "should" cost.
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    Microsoft is now more innovative than Apple

    I'm not going to get into the "Which soulless corporation is better than the other" argument but I went to an MS Store yesterday and I have to say, that Surface Studio is a damn nice piece of technology. I'm not an artist/creative type so it's not for me but still, that monitor. Whew.
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    Black bars while playing game on SP4

    So I understand this is a specific question about a specific game, but this is a SP specific site so I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm playing the game Halcyon 6 on a Surface Pro 4 and the problem I'm having is that there are black bars at the top and bottom of the screen so it's not utilizing...
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    Surface Pro worth it? Any issues? Compared to iPad Pro 12.9?

    As someone who has (far too much) experience in going back and forth between these devices, I'll say this. If you're someone who is used to using an iPad for the "consumption" type tasks, you are going to have some mental hurdles to get over in respect to the fact that a Surface Pro just...
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    Is it okay to buy now?

    I'm not sure I see the point in buying an SP4 right now (unless you maybe got it for really cheap,) when the SP5 isn't far off.
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    Rumors of a Surface 4

    Considering Atom is dead, I highly doubt it.
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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    Which is exactly why I said they should drop the price of the SP's by $100 and not include it, or keep them the same price and include it.
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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    If Apple is a company that you're trying to model yourself after when it comes to price....well I doubt I have to say much more beyond that.
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    Surface Pro 5 Discussion

    If they make a 4k screen for this thing, it dang well better be a new sku. Why someone feels a 4k screen is necessary on a 12" screen, I'll never understand. But whatever. I'd have no problem with the resolution getting smaller for the sake of battery life. As for the SP5 (and really Surface...
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    The 'Much Criticised' SB Fulcrum Hinge

    You are obviously not "alone," just like every single person on the internet who chooses to ask that question about ANYTHING. Plenty of people are just fine with it but yes, many reviews have spoken less than high of it. If you like it, then who cares what anyone else thinks. And if it's...
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    I bought an iPad, might sell the SP4

    I get why you typed all of that out the way you did on a site like this, but it's unfortunate that you feel the need to almost apologize or say things like "one of those people" to make it sound like you feel iPad users are inferior or something. I'm typing this from an iPad Pro 12.9 and I am...
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    Can't install Anniversary update (among others)

    So I decided to pick up a Surface Book (again) deciding I would give it another try after the anniversary update, and I swear to god these things have to be the most temperamental devices I have ever dealt with. I'm going through the initial update process and I have a laundry list of updates...
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    Battery Life, is this normal?

    Considering how many people have problems with brand new units (you being one of them,) I don't think there is any reason to just assume the 2nd one you got was a refurbished model. It might be true, it might not, but these things obviously just have problems.
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    Bunch of Updates!!!

    Totally, infinitely agree. It's pretty sad how often that is offered as a "solution" to just about any Surface product.

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