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    just bought a wireless adapter for typing covers, ask me anything about it

    I wish there was a way for me to buy the BT adapter at a reasonable price to check that :) Back when my SP2 was new and I was making battery life tests, I found out that the cover backlight level did not have any measurable impact on the battery life, but I did not think of making a battery...
  2. J

    About scratches and warranties.

    How are your Surface Pro 2s holding up regarding scratches? Mine now basically looks like a Dalí painting. The worst part is that I never realized when it started getting scratches on the back, but now it has plenty of them.
  3. J

    Type Cover issues after 1.5 years

    Wow, talk of coincidences. I am also in Catalonia and just yesterday I sent my second Type Cover for a warranty swap. I was having very similar issues to what you describe; I had the same problem with my first Type Cover (which I also had to replace). Like Girarcat's, it tends to turn on or off...
  4. J

    Is the10.6 form factor dead?

    Oops sorry for not answering before. What I wanted to say is that 4:3 has existed even before those tubes and was already used in early photography, so CRT limitations can't be the only reason behind the 4:3 aspect ratio. Also some guy had 2:1 CRTs in the late 1980s (I believe it was John...
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    Is the10.6 form factor dead?

    It seems that they're going to make a similar scheme for SFPro3. They've just guaranteed SP3 accessories will be compatible with SP4: , but nothing is said about SP5 :)
  6. J

    Is the10.6 form factor dead?

    While I don't argue with your opinion, that is factually false. The 4:3 aspect ratio predates CRTs by several decades (in fact, during the mid80s you could easily find 2:1 CRTs, albeit they were absurdly heavy -- certain popular game developer used one). During the early 90s there were cheap...
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    Is the10.6 form factor dead?

    I actually like the SP3 aspect factor much better. In fact I'd prefer if they went full 4:3 instead of the weird 2:3 aspect ratio (which is seemingly used only by the chromebook pixel). However, the problem is the size. Original iPad's size & aspect ratio was pretty much was spot-on for me...
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    SP2 gretting hotter after the september update.

    You probably had a bunch of dot NET upgrades and ngen is running, let it idle for an hour connected to the charger and that should fix it.
  9. J

    3,9 gb ram?

    No, graphics card takes a variable amount of RAM from it.
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    again "SYSTEM" process high cpu usage issue

    In my SP2 une hour is more than enough at least.
  11. J

    again "SYSTEM" process high cpu usage issue

    EVERY windows user has this problem. But, have you tried to just let it finish whatever it is it's doing? Disclaimer: again, if it happens while you're on battery or actively using it or moving the mouse, then it is a different problem.
  12. J

    again "SYSTEM" process high cpu usage issue

    Welcome to Windows! Note I'm talking about mrt.exe, ngen, etch. They explicitly go away when you move the mouse. They should not be started while you're on battery by the way. I don't know about SYSTEM, it may be a different problem as in the SP2.
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    again "SYSTEM" process high cpu usage issue

    Juste leave them alone and it'll eventually finish, no virus at all, just normal behind-the-scenes Windows maintenance programs running.
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    Cursor Jumps Around

    No :), it's actually an issue with the MS Bluetooth adapter. It seemingly was designed with the older covers in mind. That just confirms your touchpad is not in precision touchpad mode. In this mode most of the Windows 8 settings (tap and drag, palm rejection, etc.) do nothing. Basically it all...
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    Cursor Jumps Around

    So are you using the MS Bluetooth adapter? I've always suspected it sucks. Can you do the "swiping from the side" gestures with the adapter? If you can't, then, as I suspected, the adapter is crap and the touchpad is not entering "precision touchpad" mode. In this "nonprecision" mode Windows...
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    Back to SP2

    I agree with Philtastic, I think the worse palm rejection experience comes from the shorter maximum stylus-digitizer distance. It was already barely enough on the SP2 compared to my older Lenovo... I love the SP3 aspect ratio though, just wish it was a bit smaller and went back to a Wacom. Or...
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    Preventing onscreen keyboard in desktop mode?

    Hace you checked whether this happens on all programs? E.g. notepad?
  18. J

    Preventing onscreen keyboard in desktop mode?

    That's funny: it's not supposed to automatically popup in desktop mode at all, with or without cover. See for example . :/ I know that for example Word is an exception and will auto-popup, but most applications won't.
  19. J

    Preventing onscreen keyboard in desktop mode?

    I don't understand, can't you just plug in the type cover? You don't need to type on it to hide the onscreen keyboard, just by having it plugged in the onscreen keyboard should never pop up.
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    Why I really dislike using my Surface Pro 2

    Yeah, I forgot the "for me" part, sorry. Obviously if you don't use the pen or use it sparingly I fully understand you'd prefer a thinner screen, less battery consumption versus a wacom. But I specially selected the SFPro2 because of wacom versus other candidates, so it's significant for me...

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