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  1. J

    what is the "messaging" app?

    What does this app do? does it only work with a windows phone?
  2. J

    Surface Book freezing ?

    I just signed on to find out why my surfacebook is freezing all the time suddenly....hate all the bugs...also keep getting adobe flash has crashed message....
  3. J

    Turning on my Surface Book, stuck on Surface screen?? started after the last update...
  4. J

    Turning on my Surface Book, stuck on Surface screen??

    When I turn on my Surface Book, it gets stuck on the "Surface" screen and doesn't go any further. I have to push and hold the power button to turn it off, then turn it back on again to get it to boot properly. Any ideas?
  5. J

    Bluetooth Mouse used when using Bluetooth Headphones...CLICKING NOISE!!

    I recently purchased a Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse, which I problems...until I use Bluetooth headphones and the mouse at the same time...I get constant clicking noises in the headphones...turn off the mouse and it goes away.....wanted the Bluetooth mouse to free up the usb port, but...
  6. J

    How do you turn of Adaptive contrast enhancement ?

    is this something I should do or wait for an update from Microsoft for the Surface Book?
  7. J

    Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!

    don't want to sound stupid but how and why?
  8. J

    Display Driver Errors driving me crazy..!!!

    Why does this keep popping up? I really , really want to love this laptop...but damn its driving me crazy...not using Edge has helped a lot of issues, but the Display Driver Error pop up is making me crazy...
  9. J

    How do you turn of Adaptive contrast enhancement ?

    I have a slingbox...and apparently there is a bug in windows 10 and the intel graphics cards that causes the video to flicker...slingbox's fix is to disable the Adaptive Contrast Enhancement in the video card settings... not sure on how to do that...cant find that setting.
  10. J

    Simple solution to many problems = Internet Explorer

    I have read up on many posts on various problems and the number one solution is using Internet Explorer instead of Edge.....I made Internet Explorer my default browser and a lot of problems have disappeared...please try it and tell me what you think.....if you cant find IE search Cortona and it...
  11. J


    just got a Surface Pro 3 for Christmas and love it....the top button to sleep/wake the computer is hard to push and doesn't that normal...also...i have a rip/tear/hole in the left front corner of the type is all brand new from amazon....if it has to be exchanged can i do...

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