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    Screen Protector?

    I have Screen Protector , its protects the SP screen but if you are someone who uses Wacom Pen a lot then don't
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    EA Excelsior C22 : Haswell i7 11.6" Surface Pro clone

    "The EA Excelsior C22 is equipped with a display of 11.6 inches of type multitouch to 10 points of contact, with HD resolution " so i guess atleat 720p resolution EA Excelsior C22, Surface Pro clone - Notebook Italia
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    Surface Pro how to sleep display?

    You can try this tool here are few options you have i haven't tested it on my SP ...
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    Surface Pro Heat questions

    its laptop in tablet form so you don't have space of a laptop for ventilation so it would get pretty warm when doing cpu intensive stuff .. btw our processor MAX Temp is around 105C then it ill auto-throttle
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    overheating after install windows 8.1 :(

    Try Freewares like openhardwaremonitor instead of ad-supported ones Just unzip :P
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    What's your single biggest disappointment with the Surface Pro?

    Using your Pen as Mouse to move window , select and son basicly active like a mouse rather than a Pen more : Dougit Design » Blog Archive » Using a Wacom Tablet and Pen, in Mouse-Mode.
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    Surface pro feels 'electric' when charging!

    Are you Getting Electric Shock or just Static ??? because of some wiring in electrical outlets you might get small tingling sensation due to static electricity formation ..
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    If you didn't have your Surface Pro...

    Hmm would've just stuck with my old and trusted Dell XPS M1530 :cool2:
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    What's your single biggest disappointment with the Surface Pro?

    Hmm Here are few 1. Mouse Mode for the Pen 2. 1 more usb port maybe even usb 2 3. Lan Port 4. Missing a indicator / Msg to note that Cap Locks is enabled :disappointed: .....
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    Pen and Flicks

    AFAIK Surface Pen doesn't have Mouse Mode for now , may next update wacom might include this feature...
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    Special Surface Offer for TechEd Europe 2013 Attendees

    We are excited to provide TechEd Europe 2013 attendees a special offer on Surface. This offer will allow each qualifying participant to get their hands on one or both Surface devices and, when it becomes available, update them to Windows 8.1 Preview to test drive it on these great tablets...
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    Best USB GPS reciever for the Surface Pro

    Try downloading mfc100.dll free download - then put the dll file inside you app folder and if you guys have Android Phones here is my combo for SP Symarctic ExtGPS app for Andriod + PC Navigator for SP
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    All Modern UI Apps Just Stopped Working

    hmm check if all the windows services are running ? like DNS Client and so on ...
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    Mobile USB Drives

    USB 3 HDD need more power so normal self powered usb hub wont work , thats why it worked when u plugged it in SP
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    New game for Surface

    Halo: Spartan Assault
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    Mobile USB Drives

    Try plugging the drive directly into SP ? is usb3 hub self powered ?
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    Surface makes the cartoons

    Just going to leave it here its Anime not cartoons :cool2:
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    Excellent Article : Haswell - What You Need To Know...

    I Wouldn't call Windows RT as Fail but its failure on MS part to clarify What is RT is and why its not Windows
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    Bluetooth Mouse options

    I Use this BT Mouse and it works perfectly fine with my SP Pro Gear Head Blue Tooth Laser Mouse for Mac Book Pro, Silver with Black Accents (BT9500BLK): Electronics
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    Issues with my pen and OneNote/Surface Pro

    hmm are directly on the OneNote app or using the handwriting panel ? do u have a screen/scratch guard installed ? try re-calibrating your pen ..

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