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    Find me on Reddit: \u\surfacedockguy

    Find me on Reddit: \u\surfacedockguy
  2. surfdock

    Which power supply does the SP4 i7 ship with?

    I compiled some Surface Power supply info here that may be helpful: Surface Book, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4, and docking station power supplies
  3. surfdock

    HowTo SP4 ergonomic workstation charity auction build

    This is Glenn's workstation we built together one weekend. I've been helping folks around the world build ergonomic workstations with my open-source design. Find out more: Charity Auction Surface Battlestation
  4. surfdock

    Will 16v Kill My SB?

    Hi what makes you think 16V will be faster than 12V? I reckon the output current of your luggage bag is important in determining charge rate. Does the luggage bag battery pack have a current limiting device? The dc-converters in the Surface which manage the charging of the individual Li-ion...
  5. surfdock

    Best external monitor resolution

    Mike I think with the options I listed you'll certainly have a better user experience than what you have now. If there is a Best Buy or similar retailer near you, you could always bring your laptop along and ask the sales rep to plug into various monitors to see how it works "out of the box"...
  6. surfdock

    Best external monitor resolution

    :Mike, SB stands for SurfaceBook. When I say get a monitor to match, it is matching the dpi, not the resolution so you don't have to tweak things. Basically you want the effective pixel size on one monitor to match the pixel size on the other monitor. The number of pixels matters far less. If...
  7. surfdock

    Best external monitor resolution

    Hi Mike, great question. The screen resolution is actually not very relevant at all. To make a good choice here, it is everything but the resolution that is important. Counterintuitive I know given that basically all marketing focuses exclusively on resolution and skimps on everything else. Its...
  8. surfdock

    HowTo SP4 DIY VESA-mounted docking station v2

    Hi Cricket1001, I replied on the other thread. We also did a conversion for the old clamp-dock but its fairly complex.
  9. surfdock

    Spec list for Surface Book, Pro 3, Pro 4 and docking station power supplies

    Surface power supplies are confusing. Which supply to use with which device? Which should you buy as a spare? I list it all out to hopefully help the community: 102 watt 90 watt 65 watt 48...
  10. surfdock

    HowTo SP4 DIY VESA-mounted docking station v2

    Thanks! A few folks have contacted me about these kits so I'm happy to announce that I'm making them available at-cost for the community. Just PM me for details.
  11. surfdock

    December 8th updated SP4 firmware/drivers - realtek audio

    Install from if it doesn't come down via Windows update: Download Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware from Official Microsoft Download Center Release notes are rather sparse: Microsoft Surface Pro 4 update history | Surface firmware updates Realtek Semiconductor Corp. driver for...
  12. surfdock

    Aftermarket docking station

    Hi here is a write up I did a while back comparing several docking options: Multi-monitor docking with Surface Pro 3/4 and Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro The Plugable docks worked quite well in the lab with no visible mouse delay. But the MS docks are clearly the best with a single connector.
  13. surfdock

    Solved SP3 multi-mon dpi scaling tweak

    mmenzie, sorry for the delay, I don't check in here that often. Were you able to follow the directions on the blog article? Hi-dpi Multi-mon with Surface Pro 3 – dpi-scaling tweaks Ruudfood, glad you got it resolved. It is possible to get it all working with the latest Intel drivers using the...
  14. surfdock

    HowTo SP4 DIY VESA-mounted docking station v2

    Finally got around to posting my DIY to build the new VESA mounted 3-in-1 dock that fits both the SP3 and SP4. Preserve your Microsoft dock warranty and build an ergonomic workstation with just a few dollars worth of plastic and nuts and bolts: Surface Pro 4 / Surface Pro 3 – DIY VESA-mounted...
  15. surfdock

    Solved SP4 high-dpi multi-monitor fix - alternate 3:2 aspect ratio resolutions

    Updated regkey to v5. Should work with more SB models now: Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 - high-dpi multi-monitor optimization regkey for alternate 3:2 aspect ratio resolutions - danchar - Site Home - MSDN Blogs If v4 did not work for you on SB, please try this new key and let me know the result.
  16. surfdock

    Poll Which docking station do you prefer for the SP4?

    So I'm a huge docking and multi-monitor fan and the guy behind the crazy 3-in-1-Dock project shown on youtube. I wanted to understand how folks use docking stations at their desk specifically with the Pro 4 and whether folks prefer the older clamp-style docking station or the new brick-shaped...
  17. surfdock

    Surface Book aspect ratio beats competition

    Agreed. I love the 3:2 aspect ratio. 16:10 on the desktop works for me as well. I guess since I have three of those monitors that makes it 48:10. Extreme widescreen lol.
  18. surfdock

    Dock SB with Screen Closed?

    This thread got me really curious about your setups. Why are you not using the built in monitor while docked? Would you mind filling out a quick survey on this? Its fascinating to me all the different ways people use their laptops, and I want to make the...
  19. surfdock

    Poll How do you dock with the SP3?

    So I'm a huge docking and multi-monitor fan - hence my user name and various surface hacking projects I've posted on here over the last year or two. I wanted to understand how folks use docking stations at their desk with the Surface Pro 3 vs Pro 4 and Surface Book and what issues they are...
  20. surfdock

    Solved SP4 high-dpi multi-monitor fix - alternate 3:2 aspect ratio resolutions

    Theartiszan, which SB model do you have? I got it working on a SB at work, but there may be some nuances in the drivers depending on the discrete GPU and Intel CPU setup you have. I haven't had a chance to test on all the different models yet. If you can spare the time, would you mind creating...

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