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    i3 Surface Pro or Surface 3 for tablet use?

    Firstly let me say I wouldn't be surprised if MS don't release another non pro Surface, one of the reasons for the Surface line was to prove/create a market for Windows 2 in 1 devices, pretty much every OEM now has their own Surface like clone and those at the lower end are more powerful but...
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    problems after july update

    The anniversary update fixed the issue for me with MS's latest driver, but as I'm now using my SP4 for some media duties connected to my TV from time to time I prefer Intel's drivers with the control panel so I can select the best resolution and framerate for what I'm playing on the TV. With the...
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    problems after july update

    Thanks MikemanSP4 but I think I have done pretty much everything in that guide plus more in other guides. However thanks to a couple of helpful people on Reddit I've discovered a very simple solution, do not roll back your driver, do not uninstall this latest borked driver just go to device...
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    problems after july update

    I've had the same, for me its definitely the new video driver, when I roll back to the old one all screen freezes and lockups disappear. The problem I have is that a day or two later my SP4 reverts to the newest driver, how can I disable this driver permanently until MS provide us with something...
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    All external monitor issues

    I hope I'm posting this in the right section, I've read through this thread and don't see the issues I'm experiencing being reported/addressed. Occasionally I like to connect my SP4 to my 1080P TV, I use a mini display port adapter to HDMI to do this but I'm having several issues which I'm not...
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    I think I've found a cheap alternative mains charger

    Without boring you too much about the details I've started a little project using one of the new Raspberry Pi 3's,, I've been using my Surface 3 on this project and because I had the Pi 3 charger handy used that to power my Surface 3 when it was running low on power. I haven't done any intensive...
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    Trick to reduce battery drain in sleep!

    A word of caution over this Hyper-V "fix", I thought I'd try it out, I didn't see much battery improvement in sleep although I do still have Windows Hello enabled which might explain that, but more alarmingly the next day my screen kept going very flickery then going off altogether, after...
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    On the fence about a Surface 3

    For light and general work I find my surface 3 just fine, for more CPU intensive tasks it can't hold a candle to my SP4. I would say that the biggest cause of lag I find on the S3 is the emmc storage so I'd probably advise to go for the 4GB/128GB model so you are less reliant on page filing. Btw...
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    Aux battery

    I guess this would be the closest Aukey 18000mah Multi-voltage (5v 12v 16v 19v)External Battery with Quick Charge for iPhone 6S 6S Plus 6 Samsung Galaxy Google Nexus LG HTC Motorola and many other USB Powered Mobile Devices(Silver): Cell Phones & Accessories but its a lot smaller...
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    Aux battery

    I use this battery Aukey 28000mah Multi-voltage External Battery Pack: Electronics with this cable Buwico® Power Charger Charging Laptop Adapter Cable: Electronics and get 15-20 hours mobile life from my SP4 (including the internal battery life)
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    Help with the settings on the SP4

    1/ if you want to turn the login off completely run the netplwiz utiity right click on start and choose run, type netplwiz in the run box, uncheck users must enter a username and password to use this computer and select apply. You'll then be prompted for your current password, enter this and...
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    My SP4 vs SB battle

    I don't know if you've done any tweaks or not but my i5 SP4 using Chrome with HostsMan running will give me a minimum of 5 hours battery life. If you're not worried about extra weight and you like the SP4 form factor I can recommend this battery Aukey 28000mah Multi-voltage External Battery...
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    How to play mpg video on sp4

    Try mpc-hc:- Home · MPC-HC or Kodi:- Downloads | Kodi I'm pretty sure both of those play .mpg files, or as a last resort try installing a codec pack like k-lite codec pack, I say a last resort as I never usually advise installing codec packs as they can cause more problems than they cause but...
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    New Intel drivers available

    How are you guys getting on with Edge now? I stopped using it a few weeks ago when I realised it was causing most (if not all) of my SP4 bugs and faults, have drivers and firmware fixed it yet?
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    New Intel drivers available

    Merry Christmas everyone, I don't claim credit for this discovery I just saw it on Reddit but for anyone who hasn't seen it there's some new Intel drivers out today for Skylake CPU's Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40 6th Gen] " SUMMARY: This driver provides fixes...
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    Surface 3 hdmi out full screen gaming

    Firstly I'd say if you're running games then when connected to the tv set the tv as the sole display not a secondary display. Secondary if the games are running in windowed mode press alt and enter/return together to make them full screen
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    Forum member hands on reviews SP4

    Rather than make a knee jerk post when I got my SP4 I thought I'd wait a while to post my thoughts on it, its almost 6 weeks since I got mine and think I can offer a balanced view now. From the US launch I knew when I bought it on the day of the UK release I was going to be somewhat of a beta...
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    Weird wifi problem after the latest updates

    My Surface 3 updated yesterday, after a couple of reboots all seemed ok, but today I had a weird wifi problem, when I'm on the go I tether it to my phones data connection or a little mifi unit I carry around but today when it connected to them I got no internet with limited on the wifi symbol...
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    Cheapest SP4 price in the UK?

    It might be worth a try with, I was a bit skeptical about them but used them one time and got a little HTPC that was £110 at ebuyer for £80 from them, I'm not sure all the sites they match but it might be worth be worth throwing some links at them and seeing what they come back with...
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    Can't install programs on SD-Card

    This is the method I used with that same card, create a folder on your C: drive Go to control panel, system and security, administrative tools, storage, disk management, right click over the graphic of your SD cards healthy partition and choose change drive letter and paths, then choose add then...

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