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    Your preferred resolution

    Jeff how do you set the surface to 150% and then the external to 100% when extended independent of each other? Thanks Jack
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    Has anyone tried titanfall for sp2?

    What Beta Drivers? Jack
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    Went to bed 50% battery! woke up today at 0%, thanks Microsoft!

    Jeff I tried that command and it won't run--Says connected standby is not supported on this machine--Can't run tool Jack
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    External Monitor Resolutions Supported By SP 2

    Will the Surface Pro 2 support an external Monitor with a 2560 x 1440 Resolution? Thanks Jack
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    Activating the Type Clicking Noise?

    I Have 2 Pro 2's a 512 with the 4300 & 256 4200 both with Type Cover 2's and I have never been able to get or hear Clicking sounds with either no matter what I do!! Jack
  6. J

    Surface Tweak Tool for Surface Pro 2 - Release!

    IF you want to uninstall how do you do it? jack
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    Thumb Keyboard Vanished on Onscreen Keyboard

    I don't think it's worth it just to try to fix the Onscreen keyboard as I mostly use my Type Cover 2 --But it would be nice to find some other solution that might work! Thanks for your Help... Jack
  8. J

    Thumb Keyboard Vanished on Onscreen Keyboard

    Ok did both no difference-- Jack
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    Thumb Keyboard Vanished on Onscreen Keyboard

    Jeff Yes I have installed the Intel reference driver but I did that back when I first got the 512 --I also have a 256 4200 with the same Intel driver and no problem there-- No I have not changed the DPI and both Pro's have exactly the same settings-- No other drivers or software prior to the...
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    Thumb Keyboard Vanished on Onscreen Keyboard

    On my SP 2 512 4300 my Thumb Keyboard option has vanished as a choice in my onscreen keyboard and also the size of the keyboard has shrunk to only about 2/3rds of the bottom of the screen and nothing I do seems to be able to correct either problem --Ie trying to grab a corner to enlarge it etc...
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    My review of Surface Pro 2

    Holy smokes the Op did a very nice review and now he's being torn up over Micro SD cards--Let it Die-- Jack
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    Does a recovery reinstall from Windows 8.1 revert back to Windows 8?

    @jackh: There is hidden stuff/stuff Windows can't access on those partitions. The 340MB partition has the Refresh files, and the 200MB partition has boot stuff on it. The 5.66GB partition has the full Reinstall stuff on it. The files are there, they're just not accessible in the normal way...
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    Does a recovery reinstall from Windows 8.1 revert back to Windows 8?

    Another question about the Recovery Image and Partitions on the SSD on the Pro 2 with 8.1 Pro -- I show 4 partitions on the Main SSD drive on my PRO 2 512gb C: 470GB total 385GB free NFTS 3 no named Volumes 1st-Recovery Partition 340MB total 340MB free- Basic 2nd-EFI System Partition 200MB...
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    icon issue

    Do a Google search for this little utility called ICONOID --been using it for years--It will keep your Icons where you put them and has a few other nice features.. Jack
  15. J

    It's that time of the month again

    Are you sure because I installed the 3345 drivers from Intels site awhile ago and I don't want to have to reinstall them again--Also got the Intel Graphics Utility with these Drivers and I want to keep that! Thanks Jack
  16. J

    February 2014 update ...

    Strange Occurrence--I have a 512 4300 & a 256 4200--Firmware Update for the 512 120Meg--Firmware Update for the 256 95Meg--I Wonder why? Also I had never Installed the Jan 17th Firmware on either of Pro's had them hidden now the are gone!! And they both seem way bigger in size then some of...
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    It's that time of the month again

    Got the firmware now you were right had to check a second time---Did you install it? How did it go? Any issues? Thanks Jack
  18. J

    It's that time of the month again

    Just got 18 updates 17 regular 1 optional NO firmware or Driver updates... Jack
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    DVD Playback Using External DVD Drive?

    If you put Media center on your Pro 2 will Windows Media Player now play DVD's? Thanks Jack

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