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    Can't detach tablet

    When I press the detach key I get a message telling me that I cannot detach until I resolve issues with several Apps (yourphone and lockapps)
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    Youtube Reviewer Sends Surface Book Back For Refund

    So through all of this I have a couple of questions: 1. With the updates is the SB a good purchase? Or should I wait for SB2? 2. Can I use the SB to run Office and Premiere Pro and Photoshop now? 3. Is the SB the problem or is it Win10 running on the SB?
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    Microsoft Band 2 Pic supposedly Leaked

    Have the first one, can't wait for the new improved model. Hope the charger works better
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Had the 074 build. Looked good, but a lot of battery drain and lost WiFi which scared me. So back to 8.1
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Also, Cortana is silent. Her voice doesn't work
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    Windows 10 Preview on Surface Pro 3

    Just installed windows 10. Like the new look. But it doesn't seem to recognize when there is no keyboard attached. And I can't play Farmville 2.
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    Best Travel Bag/Case?

    I use the Inateck case that has a separate case for the brick. I got it from Amazon
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    Just came in

    WinRT. Microsoft is no longer building it and who knows how long the support will be there.
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    Just came in

    I am now the proud owner of a SP3 i5 256. I have moved up from first a Surface then a Surface 2. Moved up because I got tired of being the owner of walking dead devices. I am loving the experience so far.
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    Inateck SP3 sleeve

    Anyone out there using the Inateck Flannel sleeve for their SP3?
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    USB Hub for SP3

    What is the recommendation for an USB hub that will work effectively with the SP3. I have heard that the SP3 does not supply much power through the USB 3.0 slot.
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    Rumor: Microsoft’s Secret Plan for Surface Domination

    Interesting I think it is a legitimate theory. IOS /Android tablets are finding the integration to the workplace a hard nut to crack. The RT, and more so the Pro, have a smaller nut to break through. Credit to MSFT for sticking with their vision. I find the Surface amazing and it is still in...
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    SD card use

    Can someone point me to where I can find out how to get my apps to load onto my SD card? Is that possible? I would like to have my media player look to the SD for it's files.
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    Surface Charger

    The charger for the Surface is extremely practical. My dogs constantly run around the outlet where I plug in my tablets. I have gone through 4 Xoom chargers because of them tangling with the cord and bending and breaking the connector. The Surface connector pops off as soon as there is pressure...
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    Surface Screen Angle

    I use the kickstand and touch cover on my table. It is the right angle for me.
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    What's the First Time You Ever Saw a Surface?

    I heard about it online and then knew I had to have one. Saved some money and have never looked back. I love it and am glad to be part of the revolution.
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    New Owner

    Just received my RT in the mail, and I can't stop smiling. I have to learn some things (how to use my SD card/ how to play music). But it is wonderful, already better than my Xoom, which I loved. I love the total finger environment.;)

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