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    SanDisk 128GB Micro SDXC works

    I just purchased and installed the SanDisk 128GB Micro SDXC card and it works well. I moved my data from a 64GB Micro SDXC that I had in there before and all is great.
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    Highest quality portable audio solution

    If you want your SurfacePro to be the best quality portable audio player: 1. Purchase a Geekout by LH Labs. Geek by LH Labs 2. Install the Geekout ASIO driver 3. Install Foobar2000 and add the ASIO input/output components 4. Install the Foobar2000 SACD and DVD-Audio components At this point...
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    New game for Surface

    Looks like there will be a new Halo with a touch interface for the Surface... Surface is the latest outpost for Halo fans
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    May 14th Firmware update

    There were some firmware updates today. The Surface Pro updates deal with improved Wi-Fi connectivity and stability along with a video update to improve Skype performance. You also get a PXE boot feature that can be used by administrators for network installation of Windows. Both cluster of...
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    Update today

    The update that just came out today includes a low level driver update to improve SSD performance during boot.
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    App to support the FM radio ability of the Marvell Avastar 88W8797

    Is there an app that supports the FM radio ability of the Marvell Avastar 88W8797 that is in the Pro?
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    Surface Tips

    Here are some of the things that I have learned that I wish I knew earlier... 1. Buy the biggest SDXC card you can right away 2. Many programs will not install to a removable drive (sdxc card) so create a directory junction on drive c: to drive d: 2.a window key+x, command prompt...
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    What is in your Surface Pro kit?

    Here are the essential items in my Surface Pro kit: 64GB Micro SDXC Card: - $60 Type Cover: - $130 Case: WV594AA - HP Mini 10.2" Notebook Sleeve - Bags / Cases - $5 DisplayPort to HDMI adapter: For only $5.70 each when QTY 50+ purchased - Mini...
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    Ghost Armor Full Body protector

    The Ghost Armor full body protector in matte finish seems to be the best full-body protector for the Surface Pro so far. It is not cheap though at $44.95 Microsoft Surface Pro
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    Car power adapter for the Surface Pro

    Is there a non-inverter type of car/plane power adapter for the Surface Pro? If not, why?
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    Additional Touch Gestures Needed on the Surface Pro

    To make the Surface Pro a viable tablet, we are missing some important gestures. We need the equivalent of: 1. Click/Shift-click to select multiple adjacent items 2. Ctrl-a to select all 3. F5, refresh the current app/window What other gestures do you think are missing or would be...
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    Disk Imaging Application Bug on Surface Pro

    Microsoft has affirmed to me that their Disk imaging application in the Windows 7 recovery applet on Windows 8 does not work on the Surface Pro and they are looking into fixing it. I have successfully used both Acronis True Image 2013 and DriveImage XML to do this, however. What is everyone...

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