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    how to secured format? bitlocker ?

    Hi, I would like to secure format my sp4. What method would you recommend? To use bitlocker with factory reset? May i know what is bitlocker and how to enable it? As I have used the device, is it efficient to enable it now? Thank you.
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    Browser Video Flash Player issue Windows 10 SP4

    Anyone have this issue 1) The video will blur(something like censored blurrish) before it turn clear each time scroll the timelime 2) Microsoft Edge - when play full screen, it will be a quarter size (1/4) top left and rest of screen white. Firefox is fine.
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    Transferring 2 hardisk file cancel by itself

    Hi, I got a surface pro 4 with surface dock, also tried with a usb hub too. When I transfer multiple files from 1 hardisk to another hardisk, and leave it aside to do other things, when I am back, the window folder and transfer window are all close. Transfer are broken. I have disabled the usb...
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    Buying new surface pro 4

    Thank you for your reply, For my case, would you recommend me to get the i5 or i7?
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    Buying new surface pro 4

    I am hoping to play 4k videos smoothly, and edit fhd videos using premiere pro, vmware Other than that ,mostly serving internet , microsoft office These are my concerns. i5 8gb ram is the most popular version and price performance ratio value. I heard issue with loud fan noise ? Unsure if this...