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    D partition locked out by Bitlocker.

    I had created two, drive C & D, partitions on the SP4 flash drive. I was using drive/partition C for Windows and all app installations. Drive/partition D was for all my data including OneDrive which I had remapped to drive/partition D. I reformatted drive/partition C to reinstall Windows 10, but...
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    Access to your IP adress has been banned.

    I am using a proxy service to be able to login here and post this. For whatever reason I have been unable to access for a while now. Every time I try to access the site, I get the following message: Can someone help fix this issue so that I don't have to use a proxy each time...
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    Windows Update no longer works in Windows 10

    Since August 2nd, Windows 10 has been unable to update. Every time I run the update manually, I get the following error. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks.

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