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    Microsoft Kicks Off New Windows 10 Launch Site and Tutorial Guide

    so is win 10 upgrade free for ever or is it like 1 year free only?
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    Microsoft Has a Big Plan to Celebrate the Launch of Windows 10

    I hope they'll give us some info on SP4
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    Slow wifi when using bluetooth mouse

    my router doesn't support 5ghz :( so is using wired mouse my only choice now? I just wish the usb port was on the right cause it feels weird having it on the left side
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    Surface Pro 4 Likely Coming Late 2015 with Powerful New Features

    I wonder if SP4 gonna fix the bluetooth wifi lag :(
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    Slow wifi when using bluetooth mouse

    When ever I use my bluetooth mouse my wifi starts lagging bad. Is there any fix for this? I already updated to latest firmware and still lags
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    Surface Pro 4 - wishlists!

    I hope SP4 doesn't throttle from heavy CPU usage like SP3 did. SP2 didn't throttle probably cause it had 2 fans.
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    Is it recommended to put a fan during summer?

    I think the laptop cooler would get airflow blocked cause of my type cover is in the way
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    Official Microsoft Miracast Adapter

    Does my SP2 screen need to be on?
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    Is it recommended to put a fan during summer?

    It's currently hot in Australia and summer is coming soon! I can't really afford to turn on the air conditioner all day so my alternative was to put 2 standing fans in my room which is a lot cheaper for electricity usage. Now my question is it recommended to put a small desk fan sitting behind...
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    Surface Pro 3 Trade-in Program?

    I live in Australia and there's no psychical Microsoft store over here. Is there anyway to get upgrade discounts here?
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    Anyway to buy surface pro accessory bundle international?

    I notice in the USA Microsoft Store site they have a cheap Surface Pro Accessory bundle but it's only available to USA. Surface Pro Accessories Value Bundle - Microsoft Store Is there anyway to price match this bundle in Australia? cause I would buy it directly from Microsoft but it's only...
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    Unknown Device in recovery image

    Is there a fix to the recovery image? cause apparently the recovery image didn't include the drivers so it resulted unknown device in the device manager
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    March Firmware Update is......back!

    So I guess it's still not safe to install the latest firmware? I'm still using October firmware and I don't want to brick or make any part of surface features broken :(
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    Warranty question

    I just registered my surface online and I checked the warranty and it says Hardware warranty expires: 05/02/2016. But on the microsoft store it says 1year. I'm a little confused about the warranty duration. Which one would be correct? do I really get warranty up to 2016? FYI I bought this as a...
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    Bluestacks scrolling issue

    I just installed bluestacks on my surface pro2 and I noticed when I scroll down just a little bit it will close the current window. Basically if I scroll down on any window like the app list it would just close that current window. Is there any fix for this?
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    Battery life on 10-bit videos

    Does anyone know how long does the battery last if playing 10-bit videos? 10-bit videos usually use more cpu than regular videos
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    Auto pop touch keyboard

    Is there a way to auto pop up the touchscreen keyboard whenever I click on any input box in IE or other browers?
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    Playing ipad games on surface pro?

    Is there a way to play ipad games on the surface pro 2?
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    Charging life?

    oh so the battery can last a couple years if I'm a heavy user?
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    Charging life?

    if the battery dies can microsoft replace it for free? or does it cost money?

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