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    Rethinking MSFT's Strategy

    The SP3 is on its way and from what I've seen there is more interest in talking about it within the circle of current surface users than there is on the outside. Now it is early, and the darned things aren't in stores yet, but at this point the lack of excitement is, well, both unsurprising and...
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    Anyone tried Elder Scrolls Online on SP2?

    Out of curiosity, I'm wondering if anyone with an SP2 is playing the Elder Scrolls Online? Been dying to try it but it seems the SP2 just barely meets the minimum requirements. (Dual core 2.0ghz processor with YIKES 60GB free had space) If you've tried it, post your comments. Dying to hear...
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    The Stanley Parables on SP2

    I've heard such great things about this game and have been dying to try it. So I downloaded it and installed.. everything honky dory... I run the game and it opens to a desk with computer and phone. I hear office sounds but nothing happens. I try clicking on things but no response. Any ideas of...
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    Battery Chazrging issue

    For the last 2 days I've noticed my battery stops charging at 79 to 80%. What happens is I let the sp2 charge for a while when down to about 10-15% then when I restart the battery is at either 79 or 80, says its plugged in but not charging. I read on another post here that using the power...
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    norton 360

    Has anyone tried to use Norton 360 on the sp2? I'm not vey confident in the internal software and was wondering if it slows the achine down significantly
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    Civilization V on SP2

    I've heard such great things about Civilization V and today I finally installed it on my SP2 with 8g ram but have run into some issues. First the game doesn't run full screen. I've heard about scaling to 100%, but how do I do that. Second after playing three or four turns I get an error box...
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    Finally Got It!

    Well, on a whim I went to the MS store at a local mall, and by local I mean on the other side of the city, and found a Surface 256gb for sale. I was a little disheartened when I was told by the sales rep that it was the 1.6 ghz processor, but to hell with it I thought and bought it anyway...
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    Printer Compatability

    Just came to me, as I am waiting for SP2's to come available.... Anyone have any issues connecting to printers? I have 2 HP printers from the 90's that have server me well and I'd hate to have to buy a new one. They are the LaserJet 5 and Laserjet 6P. They both have LPT ports and no USB...
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    SP2 Availability??!!?

    Anyone have any news regarding when the MS store Canada (online or retail store) will have more units for sale? I've been looking for a Surface Pro 2, 256G/8G ram for the past 2 weeks and everyone is sold out. the 512G hd model is around but just out of my price range.

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