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  1. mahdi75

    Iranian foreign minister has a Surface Pro 3 :)

    It just was interesting for me :) Javad Zarif and his Surface Pro 3 :D
  2. mahdi75

    Battery capacity (mWh) dropping fast

    Here's what I get from battery monitor: I think it was 42,484 from the beginning (I refreshed my PC at 2014-09-27, so I don't have previous data) But as you can see, it dropped from 42,484 to 41,888 in just a few days. Is it normal? What should I do? I'm really worried about this, because...
  3. mahdi75

    Thermometer icon on the i5?

    Hi, I just saw a thermometer icon appear on my SP3 i5/8/256. Actually, I noticed that the fan is running hard, while I'm doing almost nothing. then I checked task manager, and I saw that the system is taking ~15% of CPU, which is not too much for this hardware. Anyway, I rebooted the system and...
  4. mahdi75

    Does Wifi issue also applies to older wifis?

    Hi, I recently bought Surface Pro 3, and I'm happy with it. However, a few times something happened with Wifi connection, Sometimes it disconnects and can't connect to network until reboot, and sometimes it becomes very very slow (less than 100kbps!), until a reboot. I read some things about...

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